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Standard Service Fees

Sparkle Spa uses Standard Service Fees to help it's clients better estimate total costs. This will also allow you to pay all costs upfront if gifting a service to another.

Mobile Service Fees

There are no Mobile Service Fees for parties within 30 miles round trip of our home office in Averill Park NY.

Mobile Service Fee Schedule

  • 0-30 Miles Round Trip Distance = No Fee.
  • 31-50 Miles Round Trip Distance = $25.
  • 51-75 Miles Round Trip Distance = $50.
  • 76-100 Miles Round Trip Distance = $75.
  • 100+ Miles Round Trip Distance = contact us.

  • Estimate your distance on Google Maps. Be sure to double the distance to calculate the Round Trip Distance to apple to the Mobile Fee Schedule above.


    ALL Sparkle Spa Packages will have a 20% gratuity added.

    Direct questions concerning the Standard Service Fees by email to info@sparklespaparties.com.

    (Last Updated 10/1/2017)

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